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17/09/2016 00:00
SAG will be taking part in the Festival which takes place on Saturday 17th September. The group will have a marquee in Market Square for members to set up their easels, exhibit their work and promote  SAG to recruit members new members.  Volunteers are always needed either to paint or act...


04/09/2016 00:00
SEPTEMBER 2016 Tue 6th: First Tuesday back! 2.00PM-4.00PM Fri 9th: DEMO - PEBEO, Resins, Effects, Paints, Foils, Flakes and More 7.30-9.30PM Fri 16th: Model 7.30-9.30PM Sat 17th: ARTS FESTIVAL, STAFFORD TOWN CENTRE. Tue 27th: Model 2.00-4.00PM OCTOBER 2016 Fri 14th: Model 7.30-9.30PM Sat 15th:...

Annual General Meeting

02/09/2016 00:00
Next Years Annual General Meeting of the Stafford Art Group will take place at Littleworth Community Centre at 7.30pm on Friday 1st September 2017 (NEXT YEAR!).    
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