Programme 2019/20 otherwise stated events take place at Littleworth Community Centre - Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm and Fridays from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Sep 2019

Fri 20th Model

Tue 24th Model


Oct 2019

Sat 5th/Sun 6th Workshop - Oil (Venue TBA) Portrait - Doug Banks

Tue 8th Model

Sat 12th Workshop - Littleworth - Musicians in Watercolour - David Wilcox

Fri 18th Help with Drawing - Model and Still Life - John Squire


Nov 2019

Fri 1st Outside Inside - Grant Parker

Tue 19th Help with Drawing - Model and Still Life - John Squire

Fri 22nd Model

Fri 29th/Sat30th Oddfellows 2 Day Exhibition 10am-4pm

No Art at Littleworth on 29th


Dec 2019

Tue 3rd Model

Sat 7th Workshop - Weston Village Hall 10am-4pm

Acrylic Townscape - Tom Shepard

Fri 13th Model

Fri 13th Last Friday Before Christmas

Tue 17th Last Tuesday Before Christmas


Jan 2020

Tue 7th First Tuesday back

Fri 10th First Friday Back

Sat 11th Play Day Workshop - Littleworth - Mixed Media - Carole & Sheila

Tue 14th Model

Fri 17th Demo - Oil - Townscape - Ian Layton

Fri 24th Model


Feb 2020

Tue 11th Model

Fri 21st Demo - Oil - Portrait - Craig Sumner

Fri 28th Outside Inside - Grant Parker


Mar 2020

Fri 6th Model

Tue 10th Model

Fri 13th Demo - Pastel - Dramatic Skies - Les Darlow

Sat 14th Workshop - Littleworth - Pastel - Dramatic Skies - Les Darlow

Tue 17th Demo - Watercolour - Flowers - Vivenne Cawson 10am-4pm

Fri 27th/Sat 28th Oddfellows 2 Day Exhibition No Art at Littleworth on 27th


Apr 2020

Fri 3rd Demo - Oils - The Potteries - Ivan Taylor

Sat 4th Selected Exhibition - Selection Day - Littleworth 8.30am-1pm

Tue 7th Model

Fri 10th/Fri 17th Easter No Art

Tue 21st First Tuesday Back after Easter

Fri 24th Model


May 2020

Fri 8th Model

Sat 9th Selected Exhibition - Deliver Paintings to St Chads (tba)

Tue 12th/Sat 23rd Selected Exhibition - St Chads (tba)

Fri 15th Presentaition Evening - Viewing in St Chads- 6.30-7.00

Presentation at the Swan Hotel 7.00pm

Sat 23rd Collect Paintings From St Chads (tba)

Fri 29th Last Friday of The Year


Jun 2020

Tue 9th Model

Tue 23rd Last Tuesday of the Year


Jul-Aug Sketching Afternoons During the Break